We’ve heard this how many times!!?? Well, it is very true when it comes down to getting things done, action is an integral part of achieving ones goals. How else will you achieve all that you want? Will the (in)action of sitting on the sofa watching tv, eating chips and drinking soda, beer, or something else help you achieve a goal or desire to be healthy, wealthy and happy(and that all depends on what you want…nice car, beautiful partner, money, success…). It may be action, yet it is not the correct action.

Correct action is a great way to achieve what you want and much easier, less costly and even faster than if you actually start from scratch…..

Tony Robbins always says “Success leaves clues!”

Study those who have already done and/or achieved what you want to do, and learn from them, model what they did and customize your action plan accordingly to achieve your goals and desires! No matter how simple or complex, you can always learn from how others accomplished and created their achievements.


Always take some form of action when setting a goal or desire, it helps create the momentum and flow to bring your plans and dreams to fruition.