The journey carries on, no matter what happens, something happens. Are you controlling your happenings? – to the best of your abilities any way…Or ….are just going with the flow, allowing your happenings to happen. Hmmm…

How do you show up when shit happens, do you panic, freak out, observe, blame, avoid, help, pray……Do you react out of fear, our do you act out of passion and determination. Are you calm and rational, looking for the best way to deal with the situation….

Its always easy when things are good, your having, fun and life is going as planned. Its good to remember the good times….especially when things are looking not so rosy….

Always remind yourself, that in the challenging and sometimes dark time, this too shall pass….

In those moments take some time to slow yourself down, breathe….look for the the lesson, decide how to make the situation work for you…a tool to get what you want…

Remember, balance is key…don’t get too busy and forget what life is really about! Enjoy it!

Always live with Purpose, Passion and Pleasure…and you will always be fulfilled!!