What does it mean to you, to be free? Do you feel you are? Many of us in todays world are so busy being busy. Obligations all around us at work, home, family, community, finances, hobbies…pulled in all directions. Sometimes  a break is needed, take time to focus, read, relax, meditate, connect to nature. If you are feeling stressed and frazzled, maybe you need to streamline your life, re-assess what your doing, why your doing it. Maybe there avtivities that will bring more pleasure and joy, which we all need ot do more of by the way.

Maybe freedom for you is not being tied down, the abitlty to do what ever when ever? What ever it is for you, be sure to honour it! Freedom is the very essence to choose to do whatever you want whenever you want. Recognizing the god given  right that each of us have free will, free choice…having the wisdom to recognize it, the courage to exercise it, and the gratitude to appreciate it!

Live life inspired!! Be Free!!