When is the last time you sat in silence? When is the last time you actually took the time to be with yourself, your thoughts? Silence can be observed in many ways, whether you are inside or out, alone, or surrounded by life, silence can be practiced by listening, to others, to the sounds around you, even if it is horns honking or birds singing, a dog barking, or the running river.

With all the demands in today’s busy world, it is more and more important to to take time with self, to silence our mind and quiet our thoughts. We reboot our computers regularly to make sure it runs efficiently, the same needs to be done with our mind, body and spirit.

Take some time to to sit in silence everyday! Let go of your thoughts and just be. If possible find a quiet spot, in your home, at work, in your car, and the best is out in nature….if you can’t, then be silent in your self. Sit comfortably, relax your body and breathe long deep and slowly. Enjoy the power of your breathe -it is the most powerful life force you have!!

Focus on the the sounds you do hear and appreciate them for what they are…no more, no less! Let go of the the thoughts that will pop into your head… and they will pop up, just acknowledge them and let them go. They will pop up again and again, just keep acknowledging and letting go. If they are important, you will know….those are the thoughts you can address later. When you let go of the none necessary chatter(all the stuff you pick up out in the outside world), silence and inner peace are much easier to obtain and observe!

Practice silence daily! the more you Master the Art of Silence, the easier it is to “Be” out there in the “unreal” world. It is much more enjoyable to show up in the middle of someones “chaos” when you are grounded, centered and at peace! This is where the magic is! This is where we serve at our best!

Silence –  It is a great tool for inner peace and peace of mind!  Take the time to enjoy some today!