Thinking about doing something, yet your not doing anything about it?? Why do you keep putting off that task? Not taking any action? it happens to everyone at some point….of this I am sure…..

A few ways to begin to take action is to get what you want or to complete that task…know WHY you want to do whatever it is you want to do, what is the purpose/outcome – does it give you emotional juice? Then decide to just do it…in the moment of decision…TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY towards your desired outcome, do something in that moment…a phone call, take notes, start writing, ….or depending on what it is…just get it done. Decide, Commit, Do!

I read a great quote by Ben Franklin I think it was…” Never put off till tomorrow, what you can get doen today”. I think of this when Im a bout to procratinate…it works….and I go get it done!!