Have you ever stopped to wonder where your thoughts come from? Are they your own? Are you choosing good thoughts? or bad? Are they just random? Where did you develop your sense of reason. logic, beliefs, values,  around what you think? Your parents? Church? School? Government? Friends? Tv? Media? On-Line?

I know those are a lot of questions and hopefully thought provoking for some of you. Lets face it, we have a lot of thoughts floating around in our heads, many of them are not even our own….they have been inputted via so much of what I mentioned above….family, church,schools,society,culture,media,internet, advertising…..the list goes on….

What if you were to consciously choose your thoughts? Your actions? Your values and beliefs? You do not have to continue to live with habits and internal dialogue that n longer serves you!

Take some time to sit in silence. Meditate. Listen to the thoughts in your head….sort through them, decide if they are even yours, if want to keep them, release them or change them. The more thoughts floating around, the more time in silence and meditation is needed. The less time you have for meditation, the more time you must take to meditate…busy is a mind game, allowing society to control us. beliefsWhen the thoughts come into your head, simply acknowledge them, decide if they serve you, or they need to be released. Let them go….they will come back, let them go again, and agan….until they are no longer floating around in the vastness of your mind! ¬†You have the power, freedom and ability to choose and change that of which you think. Allow yourself to be in control of what you think and feel. Most of our daily thoughts are not our own, they are just “stuff” floating around that we pick up and all of a sudden adopt….

Be your own conscious creator!! Choose your thoughts and words wisely, they will influence how you think, feel and behave!

You are your own master, know it, embrace it and feel it! Be it!